Our Summer classes have come and gone, but we are working towards our next session soon! See below for examples of Ceramic School classes.

Hand Building

Sun |1 - 4P June 9 - July 21 * SOLD OUT *

$200 |Six classes & open studio hours


Hand Building is anything you might want to do with clay besides throwing on the wheel. You can smoosh, stack, pack, cut, punch, build, you name it. In this class we will cover traditional hand-building techniques such as working with slabs and coils, and non traditional techniques, whatever they may be. We will learn about artists working with clay, as well as historical and contemporary contexts. All skill levels welcome!

Teachers | Virginia Torrence & Henry Crissman

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Wheel Throwing WED

Wed |7 - 10P June 12 - July 24 * SOLD OUT *


Wheel Throwing SAT

Sat |1 - 4P June 15 - July 27 * SOLD OUT *

$200 |Six classes & open studio hours


In Wheel Throwing we will learn how to throw on the wheel. IT IS HARD! But we promise you will get better with practice. We will make cups, bowls, sculptures, anything round, or once round. What you want to make in this class, and all of our classes, is entirely up to you. We will look at a history of pottery and contemporary artists working with the wheel. All skill levels welcome!

Teacher | Henry Crissman

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Advanced Ceramics

Thurs | 7 - 10P June 13 - July 25 * SOLD OUT *

$200 |Six classes & open studio hours


Advanced Ceramics is for those of you who have worked with the material for a while, and you desire the time, space and community to take your work to the next level. Although we won’t be covering the basics as a group, we will still be giving demos, and can help you make the things you want to make. We will be looking at and talking about ceramics and clay within history and contemporary art, and will be working hard and having a good time! You can hand-build or use the wheel in this class.

Teachers | Virginia Torrence & Henry Crissman

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Youth Drop-ins

Sat | 10A - 12P June 22 - July 20

$20 per class

This is a class for kids! We will talk about the basics of ceramics, have fun and make some stuff. These are drop-in classes so there is no registration! Payment can be made by card, cash or check at a drop-in class. Ages 5 - 15, children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.


Free Fridays

Fri | 7 - 10P June 14, 28, July 19

Free Fridays are free! Come join us in the studio for a few hours and smoosh around the good stuff.


We have a limited number of need-based scholarships available to make taking a class more accessible. To inquire about these opportunities or any concerns about class payment, feel free to reach out to us at ceramicsschool@gmail.com

All glazes and firings are included. Every student will receive one 25 pound box of clay. If you would like purchase additional clay we will have clay available for $20 a box.